Building Your Soil

Build a better soil that incorporates the organic matter and nutrients that are needed to create a healthy soil ecosystem to naturally support your plants and the environment.

Organic matter improves soil conditions which benefit plants:

  • Increases moisture retention while also improving drainage properties.
  • Hosts microorganisms that convert nutrients to plant available forms.
  • Breaks up compacted clay soils and allows for enhanced root growth.
  • As it decomposes; nutrients and minerals within are slowly released.
  • Prevents nutrient runoff away from plants and into the environment.

Adding Organic Matter

Composts: mixtures of highly decomposed organic matter and nutrients that can either be incorporated directly into the soil or can be lightly applied over the surface through multiple treatments.

Topsoil Blends: ready-to-use mixtures of topsoil enriched with compost. These products are recommended especially for new installations or when replacing depleted soils. Topsoil blends can be formulated to the needs of your specific application.

Mulches: wood-based, carbon-rich soil covering that helps to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth. These products decompose slowly over time releasing organic matter back into the soil.